Exhibition Name BATOMA vol.08 BATOMA CHRISTMAS Exhibitors 47
Date 2014. 5. 27(wed) - 5. 30(sat)
*General admission begins on 5.29 (wed).
Visitors 5,900
Opening Hours 11:00–19:00 *except the last day –17:00 Entrance fee 500 yen *free with invitation letter
Venue Laforet Museum Harajuku Art Direction DRAWER inc. (Mitsuhiro Ikeda)
Organizer H.P. FRANCE S.A. PR01.Div. BATOMA Space Direction H.P.FRANCE S.A. studio



Originally branching out from "BATOMA TRADESHOW" for design, art and product, BATOMA CHRISTMAS is a unique joint exhibition purely focused on Christmas. Christmas is one of the most competitive periods for the interior industries. To make the upcoming season more enjoyable, we are holding an exhibition in May to let people allowed greater time to order. We are pleased to introduce various items such as gifts and ornaments perfectly matched to your Christmas, coordinating in a creative world that only BATOMA could produce.

A record number of 47 exhibitors participated at “BATOMA vol.08 BATOMA CHRISTMAS”. A large variety of products including Christmas decorations, ornaments, handy gift ideas such like designer items and candles, as well party groceries were exhibited. Many items were exclusively to BATOMA CHRISTMAS such as a speciality chocolate drink available for the first time in Japan. Also being introduced for the first time were highly reviewed European interior brands and a handblown glass company. In each booth guests enjoyed shopping whilst talking with the exhibitors selling the product (partially excluded).

・INTERIOR:  ornament, object, furniture, rug, cushion cover, christmas tree, candle holder, lightning, LED candle, gift for kids & baby, ceramic, toy, party goods, leather item etc.
・FRAGRANCE: candle, soap, hair&skin care item, essential oil, aroma mist diffuser, hand cream, solid perfume etc.
・STATIONERY: picture book, stationery, post card, poster, greeting card, gift box etc.
・FASHION:   socks, eye wear, kids wear, accessory, hat, stole, embroidery accessory, room shoes, under wear, self gel nail, baboosh, eco bag etc.
・GROCERY:  brend tea, canned food, bottled food, chocolate, granola, alcohol, vinegar, herb tea, juice, confiture, olive oil, pasta, liqueur, dried fruit, syrup etc.
・OTHER:  bus tour


The morning market, flea market and Marche de Noel are all pleasing spaces for people. Just like a New York Christmas holiday market, “BATOMA CHRISTMAS” will not only have Christmas items but also gifts for birthdays and the festive season. There will be stylish gifts suitable for home parties and grocery products in the “BATOMA” original market space. “BATOMA HOLIDAY MARKET” is a market style exhibition developed under the concept: “A space where you can shop whilst enjoying the atmosphere”.

Fresh fir trees by Green Continental and lighting by transdesign and INAZMA created an authentic, heart warming Christmas ambience at the venue. The branches used for decoration were recycled and reborn as essential oil with the cooperation of one of the exhibitors, 18th. Root wrapped domestic fir trees were returned to the mountains and reburied ready to become Christmas trees for the winter.  

Message from: GRAVITY by Green Continental
Christmas is a special season for us botanist. For even people who aren’t ordinarily interested in botanical items decide to use them for presents or partake in decorating them as centre pieces during family gathering. Since the period of high economic growth, fake Christmas trees have overtaken the place of real fir trees which have a unique scent and a warmness. In Japan, you can buy real fir trees sold planted in soil to allow you to enjoy them longer. It’s simple but when you touch it you can feel the warmness. Please experience the magic of Christmas highlighted by botanics that exist from a different age to that of man.
www.greencontinental.co.jp (Green Continental Inc.)

Message from: transdesign Inc. + INAZMA Inc.
The origins of illumination is said to go back to Martin Luther, who, inspired by a starry sky whilst in a wood, decided to decorate branches with numerous candles to reproduce the image. At BATOMA CHRISTMAS we have tried to design lights that express those primitive feelings like when you see the beauty of stars through a wood. We have made this reality by translating this idea into a space using techniques that excite people through numerous twinkling illuminations.
transdesign.jp (transdesign Inc.)/ www.inazma.jp (INAZMA Inc.)

Photo_Ikunori Yamamoto


The installations created by various artists at each of the exhibitions, a special feature of BATOMA, aroused visitors’ interest. This heightened peoples curiosity and increased their eagerness to enter the main venue. On this occasion, a work titled “READING LINES” using neon casting nostalgic light by Masahiko Kawabe, a neon artist, and Mitsuhiro Ikeda, an art director, was exhibited at BATOMA CHRISTMAS. In this work they used palindrome (reading the same backward as forward), a kind of speech play and poem, which was interpreted respectfully by visitors.


Photo_Ikunori Yamamoto


Neon used to line our streets, displayed in towns and shopfronts to communicate accurate information as a sign and a tool to attract people in our society. This unique light had such a powerful presence that nightlife districts were formerly known as “NEON” districts. Its use has, however, decreased in number with the changing of times. Recently, the existential value of neon has been transformed from tool to art and transferred its nostalgic charm to us from a different perspective. In this collaboration between BATOMA’s art director Mitsuhiro Ikeda and neon artist Masahiko Kawabe, they have reconstructed the techniques which have disappeared with the times and reinterpreted neon’s existence and allurement as a material that transmits information.

(From left to right)

palindrome①: BORROW OR ROB

frame①:    title of the poem by W.H.Auden

         Leap Before You Look
         The sense of danger must not disappear:
         The way is certainly both short and steep,
         However gradual it looks from here;
         Look if you like, but you will have to leap.

palindrome②: NO MELON NO LEMON

frame②:    Don't look, read

palindrome③: NEVER ODD OR EVEN

frame③:    words by Albert Camus

         Don’t walk behind me;
         I may not lead.
         Don’t walk in front of me;
         I may not follow.
         Just walk
         beside me
         and be my friend.

Masahiko “Tombo” Kawabe / Neon Artist
Kawabe, from Ikitsukishima, Nagasaki, attended Sasebo-Kita high school and Waseda University in B.A.. In 1984. He established his neon studio “TUBES” in Kichijouji, Tokyo and started working for “CENTRALNEON” in Nakano, Tokyo in 1986. In 1989, he moved to USA and started working for “PRECISION NEON” in Brooklyn, New York. He turned freelance neon artist in 1991. After travelling around South America at the end of 1998, he attended Fumika Komatsu’s studio “Hodou” in Sasebo. In 2002, “Luna Llena” was established by Kawabe and Fumika Komatsu (now his wife) in Kawabe’s hometown in Ikitsuki.  www1.odn.ne.jp/lunallena

Mitsuhiro ikeda / Representative of DRAWER inc., Art Director
Ikeda was born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1980. After graduating in Architecture from the University of Musashino Art University in 2003, he worked for a time at Tycoon Graphics and established DRAWER inc. in 2008. He is a member of JAGDA, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. and Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC). Key projects include planning, management and design for “MARCOMONDE”, the leg wear brand, art direction for “BATOMA”, the common exhibition and visual direction for “MAN/WOMAN”. Besides graphic work, he is involved in various field such as product planning and producing space.

* If you are intersted in the Neon Art, please contact to BATOMA Division.


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